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A couple of years back I used to take Rhodiola Rosea to help me focus in school (this was waaay before I even suspected an ADHD diagnosis). I found that it really helped and also improved my mood. I would love to take it again, but my pdoc says no, since she doesn't know enough about it or the interactions with psychoactive medications.

I have friends that take it and really love it, it's quite common in Sweden. It never madeĀ  me hypomanic, but then again this was before the onset of my bipolar. I haven't been able to found much research about possible side effects. I'm sure there must be some. I know insomnia can be one of them if you take it near bedtime. But other than that, I know lots of people that are doing great on it.

No, it's not a magic herb by any means. It's good for mild depression, mild concentration difficulties etc.... If you're seriously crazy, like me ;) , then you probably need "real" medications. But I think it's very good for mild "crazy symptoms".

Here's a link I found: http://www.herbalgram.org/herbalgram/articleview.asp?a=2333

Anyone here taking it, has taken it, any kind of experience? Any known interactions?

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