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Panic attack question

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Hi there,


This may be a silly question, but I want to put a "Don't Panic" patch on a hat and wonder if people would be offended.


It comes from Douglas Adams books and the movie of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I love. It's intended in all sincerity for the various characters traveling through space. I love it in general too and the spirit of it has helped me for years.


Please advise and thanks,


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I think you are being over-cautious. Unless it's racist or profane, I don't think anyone really cares. No one is going to associate it with mental illness except for you, unless you tell someone.


You don't even have a panic or anxiety disorder according to your signature, so I don't know why you would even worry about it. You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

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I have "Mostly Harmless" on the back of my car and the only people who mention it think it's funny because they know me, not because they know it's from the Hitchhiker's Guide.  I can't imagine anyone being offended at a "Don't Panic" hat unless they hate Douglas Adams or something.  You might get a bunch of old hippies following you around wanting to talk about the Hitchhiker's Guide tho.  "Are you a froopy dude with a towel?" :)


crtclms, the Hitchhiker's Guide set of books isn't racist that I can think of but it's also not diverse (well, unless you count aliens).  It's not profane but is in quite a lot of places blasphemous but it's the kind of blasphemy that makes you think of Monty Python.  The whole set of books is basically set on a satirical premise that the universe is just like your local council / city government. 


Seriously, everyone should at least read the first book, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  


...sorry...one of my favs

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