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When do you feel the worse?

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I have bipolar II so I can be high or low, mostly overwhelmingly low. But it is always worse in the evening starting around 5pm. I like going to my job in the morning and function fairly well but when 5pm arrives I am so depressed I need isolation and need to get the hell out of there. I get home sad and just fell like crap till bedtime, the only seemingly peaceful time of life.

I know, talk to the p-doc but she says Latuda is a mood stabilizer and will probably just bump it up but I am sick of all these pills and increases.

Anyone else out there have times of day they are at their worse? How do you cope?



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when I'm depressed mornings are awful. I wake up like "ugh, not another DAY." As most of the time I have nothing to do on my commute I just spend 40 minutes consumed by negative thoughts. It gets a little better in the afternoon and evening because I'm usually busy and so somewhat distracted, and then at night the negative and suicidal thoughts and harmful urges come back when I'm in bed.

So yeah, what would be perfect is for me to be occupied LITERALLY ALL DAY whilst depressed. How much easier that would make it to cope.

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I always say that my optimum operating time is between 11h00 and 11h15 everyday (ha).  I have to get up for work at 5am and I loathe and despise it.  The first five or so hours of my day can be a real struggle.


I'm having major sleep issues at the moment, so the evenings are a time of dread and worry that I'll be awake all night again, but generally weekday mornings suck more for me.

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It seems the consensus is that everyone basically varies in the time of day they feel the worse. I have explored taking Latuda in the morning instead of the evening to see if it helps me feel better around 5pm. So far no good. Also, distractions seem to help most people when they are down. Staying busy definitely helps me too. Problem is sometimes I don't want to stay busy and just chill. I've even tried those 5 hour energy drinks to break the depression but they do crap. Coffee can help but gets me anxious.

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