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Organizing physical objects/surroundings

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So I have not been diagnosed with ADHD but I suspect I have the predominantly inattentive type.  I mean to eventually read books with tips on this type of thing, but I haven't gotten to that yet, and right now I'm really wanting to buy organizing stuff.  I am afraid it'd just end up being a waste of money (because I have bought things with the intention of organizing things with them and organization still never happened).


So what methods or products help you with ordering physical belongings while still using them and not forgetting their location and/or existence?  Especially papers, clothes, and random little things.  What doesn't work for you?


I'm starting to think I really need to have less stuff, but I want to keep all my things.   :(




I think I am going to buy at least some plastic drawers for storing currently relevant papers.  My desk is small and has no drawers to put things in. I could put labels on the drawers. That has to be better than piles that get knocked over and mixed up all the time, or files that are out of sight.


And I found this thread about getting rid of stuff: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/56159-how-to-get-rid-of-stuff/?p=552792

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Hello Cara, I am trying to be become more organized as well. I had a ADHD skills training for that. It was slightly helpful but I'm still not doing things much better to be honest.


My main problem is my administration. I have finally put everything (except new stuff that comes in the mail *facepalm*) in plastic sheets in ringbinders, I know that helps. I actually picked them up a few times to look in them... so now I know that it works better than hysterically going through my room looking for envelopes with important information in them. It is really a struggle for me. I need to kick my own ass to get better with thim. It's mainly laziness.


I often can't find things too. I try to keep the most important stuff in my bag (incl. medications, schooldiary, wallet, pasport). I also have the problem that I don't have enough closets at the moment, so some things are just laying around. I am working on it though, I went to Ikea this week with my mum. I think if I have enough place to store things, it will get better. Labeling is indeed a good idea.


When I'm writing this down, I suddenly get an idea - maybe to make a list (on the computer, schooldiary) of all the closets and describe what should be in there? Like ''white closet - clothes''. To train myself to really keep my stuff there by category. Because I guess that's where it goes wrong for me - I have categories but I'm too lazy to actually keep it in the right place.


I live in a small room (13 m2) and I have too much stuff too. I often bring stuff to my mum because she lives in a large house. Though I do recommand that you throw away stuff that you don't need, donate it to charity or give it to friends. On the other hand, personally I often need some time before I am ready to do that, and I give myself permission to wait for a while. But I get you. I have too much stuff too. and I'm not even someone who enjoys having that.


I am only ''good'' with organizing when it comes down to my schooldiary. which means, I write everything in there because otherwise I would have no clue what my appointments are. I am also good in making weekly to-do-lists, catagorizing them in a/b/c priorities.


So yeah. Not that good with it either. Yet.

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