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Hey guys I'm relatively new here. I've been on many different medications and med combinations in the past. So just curious if any of you have ever been on a cocktail similar to mine. So far it has worked wonders. I've been on this combination for months. The weight gain from the remeron was hard to deal with, but eating better and exercise helped that, and the munchies I got from it became less and less over time.

I'm on


Propranolol instant release 80mg 3 times a day (I used to take this 3 times a day, but now have weaned myself down to once a day when needed. The whole idea of taking a 'heart medication' still sketches me out. But apparently propranolol has a low side effect profile, I think? Lol)


Gabepentin 300mg 3 times a day (however my doc for some reason gives me a monthly script of 270 300mg pills)


Remeron 30mg at night


Effexor ER 150mg in the Am ( apparently the combo of effexor and remeron is called 'California rocket fuel')


A little bit about me. I have depression and generalized anxiety, and currently being tested for possible bipolar disorder. I have had severe substance abuse issues in the past so I have to go the non narcotic route.

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I thought propronalal was used for blood pressure, but maybe it is used for heart disease as well. Don't worry about what category a med falls into, especially if it works. I tried it a couple of times for migraine, and it never worked for me.


You can go up quite high on Gabapentin. He may be giving you extra to us as a prn (ask him, don't listen to me), or to have on hand if he decides your dose needs to go up TODAY! I used Gaba for migraines for several years, and it seemed to have a mood stabilizing effect on me, which happens, but isn't common.


I know the rest is called California Rocket Fuel, but I've never taken it.


How are they testing you for BP 1? Just curious.

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Well I've been on gabepentin in the past and it's helped with my mood/anxiety. So I told my current doc that gab has worked for me in the past, like it really helps. And he said he wanted to "run tests" on me if the gabapentin works to see if there are other meds that will work better. And he started asking questions that reminded me of something you would ask somebody who is bipolar lol. Personally i dont think I'm bipolar, but I definately have my quirks so who knows. And the effexor+remeron combo is effective. Remeron on its own is extremely sedating, when effexor is added it helps give a little bit of energy and takes away some of the remeron munchies. And ya propranolol is used for high bp, heart condition, migraines, and performance anxiety. It helps in situations that cause me anxiety. Im a recovering addict so i cant take controlled substances.

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