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Obsessing over appearance...

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Lately I've been driving myself crazy obsessing over my appearance. I can't help but obsess over what I think are flaws, like my full toothed smile or my nose. I had some pictures up before, but took them down. Is this body dysmorphic disorder?

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i'm not going to rate your appearance or give you my opinion on whether or not you look better with a closed-mouth smile. i definitely do not think there is anything wrong with the way you look but i'm not sure that me saying that will help you any because giving you the reassurance will just feed into the OC cycle. are you in therapy?


i understand how distressing it is for your appearance to be the subject of an OCD obsession. it can ruin your life. it has and sometimes still ruins mine. but you're so much more than that and some stranger's opinion on your appearance is irrelevant if you don't believe it yourself.


have you ever been assessed for body dysmorphic disorder? i don't think anyone here will be willing to pick apart or judge your appearance. that's not what we're here for and it would definitely be counterproductive. 

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