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I've been taking Latuda for many months and a couple of mos. ago my dosage was increased to 60mg.  Around the same time, I started to have dental reconstruction - in the process of getting several crowns and a bridge.  Started to get a strange movement in my mouth - my mouth gets kind of crooked which I cannot control.  At the same time, I get rigid feelings in my neck/back and find it hard to sit still.  Since I've been having jaw problems as well, I figured it was a result of all the dental work.  But (thank G-d) I heard a commercial for Latuda and possible side effects and sure enough they talked about EPS and muscle rigidity.  I called my psychiatrist and she agreed that these reactions I'm getting are most probably from the Latuda.  I am in the process of stopping the Latuda to get it out of my system to see if this indeed has been the culprit.  I will be elated if it IS the latuda, even though it's helped my depression/bipolar II symptoms.  Those spastic type movements in my mouth, in my opinion are worse than my depression and I really hope that this will do the trick.  I'm so glad there is an actual name for the symptoms I've been having!  I was so uncomfortable a couple of weeks ago that I had someone take me to the hospital, where they just were concerned about possible stroke.  They wound up giving me an injection of valium to relax my muscles, but of course at that point I had no idea that it could be the Latuda that was causing this!  I will post again in about a week to  let my results be known.

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