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I am schizophrenic and the Wife is pregnant

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During my stable time the wife and I mangaged to conceive which we were really happy about. However I have maxed out of risperdal consta and I am switching to haldol. My voices have been really bad and they are telling me that they are going to kill the baby. I feel so sellfish by getting my wife pregnant and I fear that I am putting to much presure on her whilst my voices are bad.

It was not long ago that I thought my wife was trying to poison me we have seemed only to have had a couple of good months before something happens with my voices.

I just hope everything will be ok

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Thanks iaawal the voices are not telling me to hurt anyone. The voices are telling me that THEY are going to kill the baby not me. I would not and have never harmed a hair on anyones head before or after I became ill and I don't expect that to change no matter how ill I get. I would rarther hurt myself than hurt anyone in my family.


I just fear that I am loading the wife up with problems she does not need at the moment and I feel like a burden. I know she loves me but sometimes I wonder if she is running out of patience with me. I know it was irresponsible to get her pregnant but I cannot change that now.

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OOPS! I misread that line. What a dummy. Sorry. :(


Does your wife see a tdoc? I have always told my bf to see a tdoc in case I stress him out. At least she'll have a stranger to unload on. She loves you. And I'm sure it wasn't irresponsible to get her pregnant. 

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I am so sorry you are going through this. It really sucks. :(

Last year I got pregnant, which coincided with my husband going into a serious psychotic episode. Not sure if the stress of my being pregnant contributed to the episode or if it was just a coincidence- I think it had a lot to do with stress. I ended up losing the baby, in part to do with my age, but also due to the huge amount of stress I was under trying to care for my husband, myself and my other kids. Shortly after that, my husband and I separated- it was just too much to handle. He is finally getting stable, almost a year after that episode got really bad.

From my perspective as a wife (who also has a serious MI), I would say the best thing you can do right now for yourself, your wife and you baby is to get a jump on the episode by any means necessary. Whatever it takes to get back to stability, do it. Even if it means taking more meds than you'd like to, or focusing as much of your energy as possible on stress reduction, in the long run, it will help you be in a better place sooner.

Of course, that's what anyone experiencing as episode should do, but you've got to make sure you're well when the baby is born, because that will be an added stressor for all of you (that is true for all new parents). Ask any friends or family for help now, so that you and your wife can be ready and more relaxed when the baby arrives and have a plan set up in case you decompensate after the birth.

Good luck and congratulations!

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I hope switching to Haldol depot works out better for you and abolishes the voices. I found Consta not very good for psychosis (I was on 37.5mg) and switched to Piportil, which is a typical AP, similar to Haldol. It got rid of pretty much everything for me, and was only sedating for the first 2 shots, and the sedation only lasted a few hours, and then once when the dose was raised from 50mg to 75mg.


Do you have a tdoc?


You aren't a burden. You're taking care of yourself. You're starting a promising new med. Those are good things. 


Remember, "in sickness and in health". 

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