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Lunesta or Sonata?

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I've been on some form of Ambien (zolpidem) for years now. Mostly AmbienCR, but about a month ago I had to switch to straight Ambien because insurance is stupid.


It's not been working well for a few months now. I suspect tolerance build up.


pdoc is considering changing to lunesta or sonata. What are your experiences with these meds? Any experience with them vs ambien? 

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I have taken both Lunesta and Sonata.  Sonata is a much more "high" or drunk feeling, with strange blurry thoughts, while Lunesta makes you feel sleepy.


 Don't take either until at least an hour after a meal, or else the effects are weaker, and last much longer.  I developed no tolerance to them, either.


Both are ok for the short term, but I warn against taking either for longer than a month everyday.  Lunesta side effects for me are:



crying jags

psychotic attacks

flashing lights behind closed eyelids when falling asleep


for Sonata,

Extreme depression

Sharp, SHARP emotional pain



...the best thing I've found to take 1mg of Melatonin about 10min before dinner.

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