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I like cats, not introductions

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Hi. My username is White_Album. The question about the Beatles - the one that proved whether or not you were a bot (spammer?) gave me the inspiration for my username. I read the Terms of Service when I first discovered the site, and found them amusing.  Nipple clamps, anyone?


I lurked (just read) for awhile. 


I have an anxiety disorder. I strongly dislike it.  I take celexa for it. It helps.


Right now I am looking for work.


I hate introductions, but wanted you all to know I'm out of the lurkers and into the posters. 

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Welcome to the ranks of CB members!  I'm glad you signed up.


You will find lots of cat-people here at Crazyboards.  I think we have a corner on Crazee Cat Ladies (and men).


Don't be afraid to contact a staff person if you need help with something.



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