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I've been having nightmares more often than not for a while now. I don't want to go to sleep. Pdoc says I have a lot of anxiety and when stuff changes soon the nightmares will calm down.

But I'm still scared to go to sleep.


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I remember when my OCD harm thoughts got so severe I was afraid to sleep. It was around the time I saw my current (then new) pdoc. She prescribed Saphris (not for the OCD, but for my psychosis) and that really knocked me on my ass and forced me to sleep even if I didn't want to. 2 birds 1 stone since it helped calm my OCD thoughts. 


I see you're taking ambien though. 




Are any of your meds new or increased? I remember when I started viibryd I had some wild scary vivid nightmares every night. 


And I guess I have to mention the good old relaxing techniques before bed. You could try some meditation, yoga, relaxing music, good sounds, good stories, no stress, relaxing baths. To ease you. Although your nightmares and anxiety are likely past that. 

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No really new meds. I switched from ambienCR to straight ambien because of insurance. I don't remember if there was a correlation.


I have some job stuff and some family stuff happening that is making me anxious and that's what pdoc thinks is causing all this. In about 3 weeks most of that will be over and if it's still an issue pdoc said we will talk about lunesta or sonata. But that doesn't help me now :(

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