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Started drinking wine after shitty days, makes me drowsy and then I don't have the energy to cut like I would had I not had any wine.


This looks like a disastrous road to be taking. Not sure if I should just watch out not to develop any lasting tendencies and addiction to alcohol or just quit doing that completely.


I want to reduce my amount of SH but not to develop another problem to have to deal with instead. This is crap. Suicidal thoughts are gone for now though.. which is nice.

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I get what you are saying about not wanting to trade one undesirable behavior for another.


And also, harm reduction is a valid way to work toward long term change.


Maybe you could set reasonable limits with alcohol and also work on a plan to increase your skills to manage difficult or distressing times with less self harm and less alcohol both?

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Thanks Wooster,


Today I've bought tea instead of wine, watched movies instead of SH. Spent all day in reflection and it reduced my negativity considerably.


It probably won't go this well tomorrow, I'm almost shaking with the desire to SH, but it's one more victory. One more day when I actually resisted.


I feel like my only way to deal with distressing situations is to forget about them.. quite literally. I'll need to develop something better. Joining this forum has helped SO much. I used to forget about my SH all the time and then be like "when did that happen? and how!?"


What about you Wooster? Hope you're doing alright.

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I think that Tea and movies are a much better way to cope as opposed to self harm and wine. I'll try to remember that when I'm feeling the urge.

I'm happy joining this forum has helped you so much. It has helped me a lot too. It's really nice being in an environment where people are so intent on helping themselves and one another, yet it is also very non-judgemental. I really enjoy the blog features on this board. It's nice to write an not be judged on it.

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Super duper proud of you for making alternative choices today!!!


I'm doing much better mood wise. However, I agreed to talk as directly as possible during therapy on Friday about some very difficult things, and may desire to just get drunk as a skunk after even though I know it won't help in the long run.

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I'm late to the game here, but I only just found this website today.


for many years now, my obsession/addiction fluctuates between alcoholism, self-injury, or my eating disorder.  as soon as I get a grip on one, a different one (or sometimes two) will flare up again.


so just be careful that you're not merely replacing your self-injurious habits with alcohol.

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