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Hi - cold and snowy here!

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I'm Chris. I think I'm basically intelligent (though most days I doubt that), yet I've been very sad (not depressed) and tearful the past few days with no clear reason.


Well, except one. THE one. The one that makes me want to run through the streets screaming at the top of my lungs "I AM NOT GUM ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SHOE!!!"  :cussing:  :cussing:  :cussing:  :cussing: 


It's the disability thing, you know? I've been on freakin' disability since 1993 and I'm going to be 53 years old. Please don't try and cheer me up by asking me kind questions like "Well, but I'm sure you've worked part time jobs, or volunteered, right?" Because no, my social phobia and anxieties are that intense. I'm surprised I ever worked at all. You know, once I took a phone message for this guy? Yeah, I kept rewriting it and rewriting it on the message page until I thought it was "perfect." He made such a big deal about it (I never got a message like THIS before.), it was so embarrassing....it made me want to dry up like a raisin. 


But people THINK and cop an ATTITUDE about disabled persons like they're --- lazy, stupid, a little lower down the rungs of the ladder, maybe missing something in the ol' ambition department (let's not forget that). 


Geeze. I don't really sound sad, do I? I sound pissed off. Sorry about that. That's just kinda where I am these days.


I also help care for my elderly mom, two-kindsa-terror schnorkie Lucy, crochet as much as I can, live for quitting smoking, and read, read, read. My mom always says I came outta her womb with a book in one hand. 


Thanks for having me. I really need a place like this.

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Hi, Belljar. Welcome to CB. Glad to have you.


May I make one suggestion? I had a very hard time reading your post because of the font you used (color and size were the worst problem). There are a lot of people here who are going to have the same problem I did. Perhaps you might change it to something a bit more legible? You'll get more responses.


Please feel free to PM me or any of the other mods if you have any questions.



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belljar, welcome to Crazyboards.  I think you will fit right in with the gang here---we have lots of folks on long-term disability and they often comment on how rude people are and that they don't understand what it's like to be disabled.  I hope it will help you to talk with our members and share experiences.


I had the same problem Gearhead did---I'm over 10 years older than you and my eyes ain't so good!  A darker color type would be a big help to us old folks.


I have a little dog, too.  Just love my  boy Finley.  (See avatar) 


Again, welcome, and I hope you like hanging out here.



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Gosh, thank you all so much for the great welcome!  :D


deeschmee, I hope I will too! Seems like a place where everyone just sort of "gets it," you know?


Gearhead, thank you for the suggestion! Pink is my favorite color (and no, I'm not a girly girl--lol), but I didn't take into account it would be like impossible to read. Also, the size of the text was small because I feel very small, and always have. Funny how what goes on in our heads hardly ever translates onto the computer screen. 


Olga, I just dig your boy Finley too. Too bad we can't arrange a play date between Lucy and Finley.  :wub: Love at first sight, what do you think? LOL I'm sorry you had a tough time reading my post before I edited it. Hope it's better now. 



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Finley LOVES it when he meets a dog his size.  We regularly walk with a couple of boys (canine) in the 70-80-pound range, so he can't really play with them without getting pounded.  However, he's about 11 or 12 now, so he isn't quite as frisky as he used to be.  I think he's going a little deaf, too.  Or maybe he just doesn't want to hear me calling him. :lol:


I love pink also, and I always tell people that it's the most flattering color you can wear.  I used to be in the clothing business, and it's amazing how many different people look terrific in pink.  My husband looks great in it, so once in a while I buy him a pink shirt. I'm not a girly-girl, either.


Have fun here---we have a lot of great people for you to meet.



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Thanks Gearhead and Olga. It's great to meet other pink-lovers. And I won't tell if you won't.  ;) 

Lucy's 9, Olga, so she's getting up there too, although they tell me smaller dogs can live to be about 14. I'll believe it when I see it. The adoption place lied to me about her age (SURE, she's 1 1/2 years old, she's a baby!). Come to find out she was nearer to four. 'Course she still acted like an adolescent, so you coulda knocked me over with a feather when I learned that.

I gotta go back to bed. I've got a wicked case of bronchitis, and my 66-yr-old alcoholic sister is on a bender we're not sure she'll recover from. I'm calling on a :healer: ! YES!


night-night. So to speak. And I'm already having fun. 



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belljar, the first small dog I owned (a poodle/shihtzu cross) lived to be almost 17.  I'm pretty sure Finley was about 2-3 because my vet said that from looking at his teeth and other  indicators, that was  about right.  If your little one gets exercise and isn't obese, you should have her for quite a while.


Sorry to hear about your sister.  Alcoholism is such a beast.



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