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When I used to be psychotic I thought I was immortal, but when I got better I did a lot of research on immortallity and I found what true immortallity is, is to be remembered and these people are trully remembered and somehow they are alive still today



Don't mistaken these as statues, they are actual people. The people of pompeii were turned into stone by the fire that came down on them. You can tell their story by looking at them and somehow I believe deep down they are still alive. 

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Well, technically these are plaster casts from the hollows left behind in the volcanic ash when people were engulfed, and the bodies themselves decayed and disintegrated over time.


Remembrance of people and events in the past is good, and important, but it does not confer immortality.

One of the most telling poems I know is Ozymandias, by PB Shelley.

Nothing lasts forever.



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There was a traveling exhibition of casts from the ruins of Pompeii that made the rounds of the USA's science museums a few years ago, and I went to see it when it was close by. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, about those plaster casts said "immortality" in any way. What they said was "I died horribly, choking on burning superheated gases, writhing in agony, and now you are gawking at the remains of my corpse." 


The artifacts that were showed with the casts were much more evocative of human life.

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