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Remeron every other day?

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I found i am quite tired after the second day of remeron and saw it has a pretty long half life (20-40 hours) so wondering if maybe trying it every other day might help me take the med better.

Or try and get it switched to a pill i can cut in half or switch meds entirely....

I just can't function today so i need to do something.

Thanks for any advice.

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You're not going to find the rapid dissolve remeron tabs in a splittable form. But in my experience most regular remeron generic tablets I've tried have a line and are splittable.


First, just to reiterate what everyone has already said. Two days is not enough time to get past the heavy initial sedation. The sedation should get better. It's still a bitch for me to get out of bed sometimes, but the daytime sedation is minimal.


If you think 15mg is making you too sedated then 7.5mg probably isnt going to be better. it might actually be worse because remeron is an AD that is actually more stimualting for most as you go up in dosage. Alot of people take 7.5mg just for sleep.

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for me the sedation took about a month to get over. I work 8am-4pm so I need to be up early. Now I just take my remeron at 7pm so that way I'm drowsy by 8-9 and asleep by or before 10. I'm on 30mg. The munchies was the hardest part for me to get over. Gained a lot of weight really fast. Now I'm just trying to control my appetite and being conscious about what I eat.

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