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Haloperidol Depot How long before it works

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i had to titrate up on the depot. i don't know that fifty/fortnight is a low dose...but it's a lot lower than mine is. 

i'm unsure when you ask how long it takes if you mean to start or if you mean each time...so i'll answer both as best i can.


i can better answer each time, since that happens more recently and frequently for me. i'd say there's a two day window after each injection before it hits maximum efficacy. then it plateaus for a bit...then a day to three (it varies) before the next injection i start to waver a bit again...then injection...then two days later maximum again to plateau...repeat. 


as for how long it took to really start working...i switched from prolixin depot to haldol depot about a year ago...ish...i think, so i'd have to estimate. i want to say maybe up to two months to reach full efficacy, but i wasn't exactly stable when that switch happened (at all, i guess; thinking back i was doing some pretty fucked up shit right around then and not sleeping for days on end so i could monitor portals and cabling and neighbors and my speech/writing had become incoherent...etc, you get the picture) and once started i still had to titrate up. 


hope that helps and that it works well for you. x

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