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How to make things easier with depression

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How can I make things easier for me when I'm feeling unable to care for myself and my family? I need to take care of myself but it is difficult when fog brain and depression takes over.

How can I..

remember to take my meds

Take that dreaded shower

Brush those fuzzy teeth

Prepare meals

Drink daily recommended amounts of water

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remember to take my meds - phone alarms

Take that dreaded shower, Brush those fuzzy teeth - some people have had reward chains (or something like that)

Prepare meals - prepare them 1 week ahead and choose easy stuff, think mashed potatoes, fruit, spaghetti, cereal

Drink daily recommended amounts of water - get a 48oz water bottle. 

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How about getting some help? Preparing meals is something families often do together. Well, at least they used to. 


I find showers overrated. 


When things were bad, I'd sometimes bring my toothbrush to my computer and brush while I surfed. I might be there for half an hour nose-breathing with my mouth carefully closed; hopefully there'd be a spit cup nearby; otherwise, I'd have to wait until I finished reading.


The truth is ugly, but my teeth are clean. 

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Iaawal- Thanks for the tip about the large wattle bottle. I have started to do it when I first read your suggestion. And I have also took to brushing teeth in shower. I always worried about mold or mildrew on my toothbrush but I replace it every once in a while so I *try* not to think about that.

ovOid- I wish I could think of ways to make meal prep into family time. This has been on my mind.

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StJimmy -


Although I adore Monty Python, your post is not appropriate in this forum.  It dismisses the OP's very specific questions, and worse, it does the one thing that every one of us suffering from Major Depressive Disorder have faced in frustration time and time again from those who don't understand what we're dealing with: it suggests that we could get better if we would just "cheer up".  Well, Johnny Knoxville, no amount of looking at the bright side of life is going to help us.  We need effective medication, therapy, and coping strategies to make it through.  Worst of all, you treated the OP's suffering as if it were worthy of a joke.


Therefore, piss off.


Bipolar Depression is not the same as MDD, so don't assume you 'get it'.  Your personal experiences related to your own conditions will be more useful on their respective boards.





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