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I am quite new here but I read the rules, I am fine with that, totally reasonable, also I can familiarize myself quick with anything so I don't think I'll struggle with the forum.


I am 25 and I am from the UK, I am a pianist and I play in a band, but no records yet :P

I had a tough time growing up, lots of changes. I used to be treated like trash and then when I moved I used to be so

over-praised,  it was over the top.

Currently, I am suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (Impulsive Type) and PTSD. I've had loads of therapy and I don't have flashbacks anymore, so that's good. Some doctors thought as well I might be a bit histrionic sometimes but only when I am really distressed. I am also quite confident for a borderline, well most of the time.

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