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I'm Anna/Ann. Nice to Meet You

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Hey there.


I'm new, obviously. I found the forums by looking up info on why my ativan does absolutely nothing.


Firstly, I switch topics often.

Secondly, I've dealt with major depression all my life. Been diagnosed since I was 16, though had it as young as 9. 

My current diagnosis: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, EDNOS (recovered/ing!), and most recently, Bipolar ASPECTS (new psych, doesn't want to diagnose me until she gets to know me better so essentially 'borderline bipolar')


So yeah, hello. I can't keep jobs so I'm starting a new job tomorrow. Hoping my new meds will help me keep a job. I have 3 ferrets, though we began with 5 (rip my sweet babies!) and a degu (rip Jack!).


Getting married this June! :D Been together with him for 5 years now and 5.5 when we get married.


Not close to any family and live in a different state from all family.


Some basics:

I love the colors Red, Gold, and Green.

I'm 24

I LOVE to travel any way (except planes!) - yes yes, planes are safer than etc etc. But I don't like the sound or the height. I LOVE trains somehow though.

Never been out of the US, however.

Used to love to write, but can't stick with it. So I substitute it with reading.

Favorite TV Shows: Buffy, Charmed, Lost, Sailor Moon (original subbed), and Elfen Lied.

Favorite Movies: None. I can't find any I've really loved in about 5 years.



Annnnd yep. I think that's about it. Ask me questions if you wish. :)

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StJimmy - I still read young adult books. Just can't seem to relate to the adult non-fiction. So for some of the most popular books, I read Divergent, Mortal Instruments, and similar type fantasy books. Older series are Daughters of the Moon, Sweep, and The Unicorn Chronicles.

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