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Taking effexor 75mg x2 Is it better to change to effexor XR?

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It depends as to what it's being used for as to what type you need, for example if you have a depression that's worse in mornings/evenings, Effexor ir will give you peaks when you need it, whereas if you were on the same amount XR you'd have a constant, slightly lower dose throughout the day. Given you also take Latuda twice a day maybe your pdoc thinks you need the peaks and troughs method, maybe you need a 'top up' in the evenings? I don't know, just an idea..

There's nothing better or worse about either method, it suits different people differently, I'm on the XR Effexor, 225mg in the morning and that generally works for me. Lots of other people take ir, it's certainly not the "old" way compared to the "new" way, just different.

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