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Wellbutrin vs Effexor XR

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I'm on 450 of lamotrigine and 75 of Effexor (the generic lamitical I think).

My pdoc added 150 of Wellbutrin.

Day 1 felt pretty good. Energy pretty focused (I'm adhd).

Bad sleep

Day 2 a bit anxious bad sleep

Dy 3 anxious and kinda crappy. Will see how I sleep tonight

Has anyone had an adjustment like this? I think she's trying to take me off effexor to Wellbutrin but I have terrible adjustment issues.

Any experience share/ suggestions would be helpful.

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Lamotragine is the generic lamictal (mood stabilizer)

Venlafaxine is the generic effexor (antidepressant)


Wellbutrin can be a bit activating at first. I also experience some insomnia during adjustment periods. It gave me anxiety too. Also on it for ADHD. 

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