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Hey there. New here to the forums.


I've recently been diagnosed with aspects of bipolar. And I'm wondering (as research has lead me nowhere) if feeling emotionally numb is common or at least heard of with those with bipolar.


I go through these motions where I get overwhelmed, then I just stop feeling. I'm not upset, I'm not content just...there. I can't focus on anything and basically it feels like my body shuts down.


My psych gave me ativan to help for those moments I get overwhelmed to prevent the apathy, but I didn't ask if apathy is common. So, have you experienced it?



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I'm pretty sure apathy and shutting down because of emotional overload are not the same thing. Apathy implies a lack of motivation, and may include numbness, but doesn't really have to do with being overwhelmed.


Both are features of bipolar illness as well as other mental illnesses, though.

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I have also experienced both emotional burnout and legitimate apathy. The apathy is by far a bigger problem (for me) because nothing gets done - there is no motivation/drive, emotion or anything, just, blah. I dealt with this apathy for years, only beginning treatment for my BP last year. The worst emotional burnout I ever had was when I was 19, following my mental breakdown. Treatment has helped a great deal with the apathy though. I'm sure, if that really is a problem with you, once you and your pdoc find the right meds for it, things will get better, or, at least I hope they do.

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