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med increase worked but now depressions back

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it lingers.im embarrassed & at a loss.here i was all excited to go to my doc & tell her the increase worked but now im back.not in a deep a hole as i was but its there.in my core.i have bursts of slightly manic behavior followed by regret.my friends dont understand so i pretend.could this be due to my outside circumstances(my life is in limbo for the first time ever.)?is there anything i can do?









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For many it takes a long time w/ med tweaking to find something that helps.


Perhaps you need to seek a therapist also??

I say that because it does sounds, as you suggest, that part of you situation is situational.  Life on hold (a big stressor) , friends who can't relate, etc.  Therapy might help with such issues.  Meds can't fully address that. 


Regarding your friends, it's hard for many people without MI to understand.   It was hard for me to understand...until I became ill myself.

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I second the suggestion about seeing a therapist. They can be really helpful when your life is in limbo.


As far as meds go, perhaps you need something to augment your AD? There are many ways ADs can be augmented from adding another antidepressant, to adding a mood stabilizer, to adding an atypical antipsychotic like Abilify. Even stimulants are sometimes added to augment. Don't feel bad that the med increase isn't working. There are plenty of options left.

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It took about 8 weeks for Abilify to work for me, and it only began to work when I hit 10 mg. If you've been on it for a while at a higher dose, then maybe you and your doctor need to be thinking about alternative augmentation strategies.


BTW: What AD was increased recently?

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