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Struggling again

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I am a 22 year old guy that has had some struggles with my mental health.

I'm currently working and I'm going to start studying to be a nurse in the fall. All in all, things are going pretty good for me right now, better than it has in years!

The thing is, lately I'm worried I might be getting sick. Eventhough I'm borderline underweight, I find myself struggling a lot with wanting to lose weight and obsessing majorly about food/my body. I was diagnosed anorexic as a teen, but haven't relapsed in years and I have no clue what triggered this at all. :(

Other than that I have always struggled with episodic depression and anxiety(panic + obsessive thinking mostly). I have had a few episodes that have been described as psychotic when things have gotten real bad; apparantly I'm quite vulnerable to stress. I was briefly on AAP's for it, but dont need them anymore(fingers crossed that it will stay that way!) My last psych also suspected Bipolar disorder because of my issues with impulsivity/recklesness, but alas, I stopped seeing her as we did not get along well. Now I'm looking for a new psych, and yeah... Don't really know what to say.

I guess the short version would be this; my anorexia is fucking up my life again and i feel really alone, so I'm hoping to talk to some people who understands.

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