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Abuse Added to MI for Myself and My Kids

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First let me say after reading all the posts about children with MI I am empathetic to your pain.


Next in refence to my post "I need A Sounding board PLease" my daughters father was angrily rough with her. Because of this she is now on pins and needles and today had what I though was a small panic attack. She was crying and talking about what her father did and how she could only remember some of what happened.


I dont know about all of you, but most of my mental issues as well as my childrens comes from some sort of abuse


My son was molested at age five by a six year old and was mentally and physically abused by his father. He suffers from depression, drug abuse and mood swings.


I was physically and mentally abuse (possibly sexual abuse) by a narccisstic adoptive mother. i suffer with PTSD, major deppressive disorder and skin picking.


Its harder to mend a broken adult than raise up a healthy child.


I dont know. What do you think?

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Parenting (at least for me) goes through these stages- love- guilt- worry, repeat until you die because your kids are always your kids.  I think some kids are more resilient than others.  Some people go through hell and come out, some stay there.  Support, empathy, and love are what everyone wants and needs, kids and adults.  Your post was vague, but that is my experience so I thought I would share.

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Well I was not abused in any form and still ended up mentally ill. I had a pretty "normal" household. My dad was an alcoholic, but there wasn't any abuse, no worry about bills or food. He was a pretty functional alcoholic. I was not supposed to get pregnant, had been told by 3 or 4 specialist that I'd never have a baby. If I could have chosen my daughter's father, I would have seriously picked someone different. She has a pretty shitty father. I spend most of my therapy sessions talking about how to raise my daughter as mentally healthy as I can when she has a mother with MI and a dad  that is absent, among other things.

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