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Long term effects of Sertraline/Zoloft

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in my experience with zoloft (i've been on it three different times for varying periods of time - this current period has lasted a couple years, i think), the side effects i have experienced lasted the entire period i was on it. i didn't have many side effects overall, the main one being significant weight gain. each time i went back off zoloft, i was able to lose a lot of weight (gradually, but still). could be coincidental but i don't think so. each time i titrated up to 200 mgs and stayed there.

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No weight gain attributable to sertraline here...

Just stress.

*scarfs bread*

Got plenty of that.

* inhales peanut butter*

Situational issues that need fixed.

*chows down on bananas*

Honestly, I'm maintaining a lower weight than I have had most of my life. I have a history of morbid obesity. Unfortunately I bobbed back up to around 20 pounds overweight, and I need to get into training hard to fix that.

...I guess different people have different responses.

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