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I was on prozac 20mg/day and after 2-3 weeks I noticed a missed period, facial hair growth, severe flare ups of cystic acne (had never had more than an occasional whitehead) and a knot in the back of the left side of my neck. after a missed period I had one the following month and then missed the next one. I've read that prozac can elevate prolactin levels which may lower progesterone/estrogen and cause these problems? I have also been under a lot of stress so that may have caused this? I don't have health insurance though im in the process of applying for medicaid so ive been trying to figure it out myself though I should probably see an endocrinologist/obgyn. Anybody have any recommendations for the tests I should request or have similar experiences?

*I also had purple spots all over my skin that have cleared since I stopped taking it.

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I never had those problems with prozac. 


You're right, stress could be causing part of the problems ... ie stress can cause you to miss a period.  If you google "stress menstruation" it explains it.


I don't think it wouldn't hurt to see an OBGYN.  Maybe you could ask for blood work to check hormone levels.

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