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"You are attention seeking" F*CK YOU

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I've been quite unwell lately, I've going a bit manic lately and I've been acting weird lately and I've been really happy, and I can't sleep too. I'm kind of confused at the moment, that is the best way to put it. 


My social worker accused me for attention seeking, saying 'oh it's ok, there is nothing wrong with that.' She is so arrogant. I was offended. You know what she does, she calls my mental health nurse saying all these things and she doesn't even tell what I think. My mental health nurse knows that these lies and I'm getting paranoid because my social worker said that I might change treatment (did not specify though, could be therapy). All this long, depression, suicide attempt, manic episodes, recovery it would be for nothing. If I get off my meds I will get depressed and I'm feel great, and no should ruin it for me. If I get off my meds, I will end up being depressed, trust me I know. I can't get off my treatment. I don't know maybe, I'm paranoid. 


Fuck social services, bunch of c*nts, they think they are psychiatrists. Nothing can ruin this happiness will not let it. 


If I get accused of attention seeking, that will stay on my record and when I truly need help, I will not get the right help.  Not the right therapy and wrong or no meds.


What should I do? How can I make them believe the truth?

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What will probably happen is that your pdoc (pnurse?) will adjust your medications, not take you off of everything. Obviously, your current meds aren't working. Maybe that is what the social worker meant? Still, I agree it was presumptuous to act like she knows about psychiatric medication.

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Heck, I feel like I seek attention every time I post on this board.


That's not a big problem, I don't think, unless I post weird shit or act inappropriately.

Which happens when I'm hypo or full blown.

Then someone on the board will challenge me, which calls it to my attention.

If I get mad about that it that just means I am sick, and not mindful (as in effectively practicing mindfulness). 

So, for me it is a matter of working w/ my professional team w/ med tweaks until I get back to remission.


Dude, don't report me to your social worker.

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I have had a tooth ache all weekend. I called my dentist Monday night and left a message. His office called me at 8:00 to make an appointment for 10:30. He took an xray and had me come back at 3:30 to have some work done. But I guess I could have been attention seeking.

It sounds like you don't trust your social worker, but it also sounds like you are clinging to your mania. From my experience, being manic leads in short order to being depressed. One important way to avoid depression is to get the mania under control as soon as possible.

Your social workers comment is a real problem, though; but your nurse is on your side, and she's the one that will be hopefully adjusting your meds. And I've you're stable, maybe you can start working on addressing your social workers attitude. But right now, I'd focus on just getting stable.

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