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Antipsychotic sending my Glucose through the roof?

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Hello everyone.


My name is Stephaney and I have recently been checking my Fasting Blood Sugar in the morning.  I am concerned that one of my psych meds could be causing my glucose to skyrocket!  My FBS have been 178, 140, and 154 over the last few days.  My dr was concerned enough to run labwork on my yesterday to see if I am now diabetic.  Are there any diabetics here that can shed some light on if my meds could be raising it?  I have been on many different antipsychotics lately but none of them has ever done this before.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


P.s. you can find my recent med list in my signature...

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Zyprexa is probably one of the most metabolic of the antipsychotic medications.  The only one that's worse is clozapine as far as I understand the scientific evidence.  Is the doctor running the tests for diabetes the same one who is prescribing the Zyprexa?  Once the tests come back, your doctor(s) should be able to tell you more about the best course of action, but if there is another doctor involved, you should definitely let them know too.

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Thanks for the comments!! :)


My zyprexa was prescribed while I was inpatient and I was never ever alerted to a possible side effect of developing diabetes.  Now that I have been informed on this site, I have even found out that there have been class action suits against the manufacturer not warning about these side effects.  My regular pdoc will probably want me to come off of it, but I don't want to.  It has been the only AP that has helped me with my psychosis.  I guess I will have to change my diet and keep my carb intake at a minimum. 

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