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I started Prozac back in September 2014 and am up to 40mg by this point.  My obsessive thoughts about my sexual assault has ceased and a lot of things that used to bother me don't get me bent out of shape anymore really.  Although I do have low energy and the laziness about personal hygiene I am able to get up and go do what I need to do and my suicidal ideations have decreased a lot.  However in two previous blood tests with my pdoc and my reproductive endocrinologist, my liver enzymes have been elevated and I have noticed more GI programs such as more frequent diarrhea and nausea since taking the Prozac and its giving me quite a bit of concern.  Like if I eat a meal, I will immediately have to go to the bathroom and I have read that some of this is akin to liver damage etc. 


I am considered morbidly obese and not as active as I should be but I've never had problems like this until I got on the Prozac.  Some days I have nausea and have no appetite and it occurs after I take a Prozac and I am afraid that such a good medication is doing me more harm than good.  Friends of mine have suggested I try the brand name to see if there any difference in my body, but I am very afraid that I will experience the same results.  It has been several months since I have started and regular side effects should have subsided by now.  This has never happened to me before with any psych med until I have started Prozac.  Is it possibly the Prozac that is doing to this or a combination of factors? Mind you, before my blood tests before were normal and completely stable and I was considered completely healthy despite my size and before this medication was recommended to me.

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