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I can't believe I just watched this prank video with more than 500k views.  Pranksters can be funny but this is fucked up!!! .


 This prank is real, and this idiot thought it would be smart to traumatize young children by chasing them with a bloody axe. 


That was part of my report I've sent to youtube...this is been up for 8 months, this arrogant c*nt is proud of this and guess what ..50% of people liked it. 1.213 people think it's ok to go up to a child with his father with an axe, looking like it's the fucking purge or something. I can't stand this, that look on the dad's eyes, the way he shouts no, please. omg. WTF youtube


He almost got shot by the looks of it. You'd think he learned his lesson, feeling threatened but no he did not considering him commenting on his own videos, I'd spit on him if I had the chance.  


What pisses me off even more is that he did a social experiment giving money to homeless people (good thing but...what a hypocrite)


I did put in a link instead if people found a bit fucked up. I think people should report it! If you want, do it. 


Do you think it crosses the line?

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What a jackass. Why do people think this is funny or clever or informative? It's not a social experiment just because you say so and you film peoples reactions. God I would have had a full on meltdown if that shit had happened to me. Some of them were actual children oh my God

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