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risperidone 0.5mg - useless dose?

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My pdoc just prescribed risperidone 0.5mg (cut 1mg tab in half) for two weeks followed by 1mg for next two weeks then I will see him in a month.


A few quick google searches reveals that this dose is so low I don't see the point.


Is this pdoc wasting my time?  I get a very strong feeling that he is prescribing for placebo effect only.

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.5mg and 1mg are very common doses around here for bipolar maintenance and mood stabilization.


For something more acute (mania and mixed mania), I'd personally want the latitude to go to a higher dose, but your pdoc is probably trying to keep you functioning rather than snow you in completely by titrating you slowly.


It's not a placebo dose at all.

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It depends on what you are treating with it. One mg was enough for me as an adjunct for depression. I went higher, but the benefit I derived from it leveled off at about 1 mg. My former and best psychiatrist used the mantra "Start low and go slow." It looks like you are on the right track to treat your OCD.

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