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lithium levels and salt in food

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How do you monitor your salt intake?


I had a blood test a short time ago and the Lithium levels dropped quite a lot, after talking to the pharmacist, I determined that the most likely cause is that I have been eating quite a lot of ready-made food (I normally cook almost all my food and add little salt). I started eating less salty for now in the hope of getting my blood levels back, but was just wondering if you have any tried and tested ways of monitoring your salt. I haven't been on Lithium long and so far had very stable blood levels, most likely because I just cook a lot, but this has made me worried about situations in which I cannot control the food I eat, like while traveling.

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Actually, you are not supposed to change your salt intake when you start lithium. I was told that was important, and since I trust my then pdoc, I believe him.


You're not on very much lithium. I actually am on the same amount, but I'm weird. What was your last blood level?

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