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I'm currently taking Abilify (10mg) but have gained 35lbs on it over the past few years. My new pdoc feels it is not the best mood stabilizer for me and is planning to place me on one of the two abovementioned meds.

Looking for people who have taken both and their experiences with the two. I am fearful of further weight gain and the drugged feeling I've been reading about on here, mainly from Depakote.

I am dx with Bipolar II.

I am also on:

Wellbutrin SR

Adderall XR



Thank you!!!

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I have been on both and while Tegretol did not cause weight gain it also was not nearly as effective as Depakote. Depakote did cause some weight gain but was great for my mood and I didn't get the drugged feeling you mentioned. I liked Depakote but had to go off it as I developed PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

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Depakote worked great for me for a long time, and it really worked well without a lot of side effects. 


It does make losing and maintaining weight harder, but not impossible.  I still managed to lose 65 pounds on Depakote, but you have to be careful about your diet and you have to exercise.


Really you're going to have to try one or the other, see if it works, and if it doesn't try the other one.  There's no way to tell which one will be right for you until you try something.


Since you're already on Topamax, adding another anticonvulsant to the mix could increase cognitive and other side effects that come with that class of medication. 


Why doesn't your doctor think Abilify is the right mood stabilizer for you?

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I have not had tegretol but I have had depakote. I'm just coming off of it and switching lamictal.

Like others have said already, depakote doesn't seem to have a lot of side effects, it didn't for me. It worked okay I guess but I feel, and my new Pdoc feels, it was not the best med for me hence the recent change.

The thing that I struggled with was weight Gain. I gained 20 pounds. For me that was a lot and I couldn't handle it. I was and still am, really not okay with the weight gain. I struggle with it a lot.

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Neither Tegretol nor Depakote stabilized my mood. I was on Depakote a couple of times for migraine, and it worked well for that until it didn't. I had big fluctuations in my weight on Depakote: First I lost 50 lbs, then I gained it back, all while on it. I did not, however, have a net gain.

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The Topamax was to prevent further weight gain and induce weight loss but neither of us think it is working. I'm pretty sure I would come off of it when I came off the Abilify.

He doesn't think it's the right medication for me because although it has been somewhat good for my symptoms I've gained so much weight on it and it's so upsetting to me it's not worth being on it...

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I will tell you from personal experience as well as from what I've seen with friends and people here on CB that in general Depakote is no better and may be worse for weight gain than Abilify.  It doesn't have the associated metabolic syndrome stuff that APs do but it can cause/worsen PCOS.


Tegretol might help your symptoms but it is hit or miss as a mood stabilizer. It may work, but it may not.


If you're medicating based on side effect profiles and not symptom control, you're going to have some difficulty finding something that both works and has a side effect profile you can tolerate.

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