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I was wondering if anyone here takes an antipsychotic prn (as needed) for when you get irritable or agitated. I just really heard of this concept. I am on 80 mg of Latuda and it works well for me, however I still have some psychotic symptoms and I get extremely angry and irritable and there is absolutely no event to cause it. For those of you who have taken an antipsychotic prn, did it help you? What was the drug and dose? Should I talk to my pdoc about it?

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I take 15mg of zyprexa PRN. It helps bring me down. 

Have you gained any weight from it? I know that a lot of antipsychotics that end with "pine" are the ones more likely to cause weight gain. Latuda, actual drug name lurasidone, has been the best medication for me but I wanted to try it because it is weight neutral and I'm already overweight.

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I'm taking Zyprexa on a (hopefully) prn basis right now.  It seems to be helping, knock on my wood laminate desk.


If it's truly prn, it's not going to cause signficant weight gain.  But you may be able to just up your Latuda as a prn.


Ask your doc.

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