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i don't cover my eyes, but i do close them, when i have to say something really important that i don't want to admit.  if i feel too unsafe to close my eyes i will look at the floor and kinda hide under my hair.  that's all about being ashamed and thinking i'm going to somehow get in trouble.  never totally got over that.  i measure my progress by recognizing that i was even able to say it while afraid - what i act like when i say it is secondary to me.  my tdoc does pay attention to the body language though, and knows that if i close my eyes, it's something she needs to take REALLY seriously and it's probably urgent.


i cover my mouth with my hand when i'm crying, though (well the whole lower half of my face really), as well as close my eyes.  i don't know why i do that but i really can't help it.  my husband has had to ask me several times over the years to uncover my face so he can understand what i'm saying whilst i sob.  my tdoc just waits until i'm done sobbing and uncover my face on my own.  then she asks me to repeat what i said.  i don't know what it means that i do that, other than i'm probably ashamed that i'm crying and again trying to hide somehow.


does that sound like something you might be feeling?

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I don't cover my eyes but will look at the floor and kinda mumble. I think it's shame and embarrassment. There are few places I would be comfortable/feel safe covering my eyes. Both pdoc and tdoc call me on it, but they know me better than yours do you.

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