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low valproic acid withdrawal

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Hi guys/girls


I was started on depakote because of mood swings (it is still unknown if i have borderline, bipolar), things that are for certain is i suffer from anxiety/depersonalisation disorder, add and never experienced mania as in extreme happiness. The first months of depakote i was on 150 mg chrono tablets and noticed a slight sedating effect and then my dose was upped to 300 mg. But as i took this dose for some time alongsides seroquel 50 xr(wich i am on for like a long time) i noticed my moods went from swinging up and down to this black hole of nothingness and brain fog. I feel like it is eating away my body, making me so sleepy and weak. i get dizzy spells all day and depersonalization gets worse. And i feel totally spaced out, not thinking straight. And i can't feel sadness anymore. Its like the joy of life is sucked away from me, i dont even want to do things i enjoyed before( Sports, playing guitar etc) and i get suicidal toughts. So i told my dr about this and i am going to taper it down to 150 to see if it makes a difference.


But now i am very anxious what to expect from this slight taper. As i recall tapering down from medication is always a hell. I am really in the worse condition right now. I don't want to end up in the hospital or psychiatric clinic or something.(been there and still have nightmares about that stuff) I also sometimes get very agressive spells out of anxiety. Will this slightly taper make things worse, it is still a low dose? since i don't know if i can take a lot more and i feel very suicidal(wich comes in clouds). Can depakote/valproic acid be the cause of this depressive/anxious feeling? or maybe its the combination with seroquel or something. I just don't know, i discussed it with my doc but now i get this awful fear that maybe im doing a dangerous thing (i am a fcking anxious person besides all)? 


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