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Zeldox and anxiety vs. Seroquel and sleepiness... navigating side effects

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Wasn't entirely sure where to post this since it touches on anxiety and antipsychotics and side effects.  Decided since I'm talking mostly about the antipsychotics to post it here.


So I've been trying out Zeldox (Geodon) since November.  Makes me anxious as shit.  I've never had anxiety so bad in my life.  I only need 6 hours of sleep, which is amazing, but the anxiety is intolerable.  My pdoc and I have decided that this probably isn't the right medication for me - she doesn't want to prescribe me a benzodiazepene to take long-term to counter the anxiety.  (I'm on lorazepam for the short term until the Zeldox is out of my system).


I guess that leads me back to Seroquel, where the only complainable side effect is the sleepiness.  Zyprexa messed with my blood sugar (oh, and I gained 100 pounds), Risperdal made me lactate, Abilify didn't work (too bad), and the others I've tried I've been taken off of for reasons I no longer remember.


I'm at a stage where I am trying to reconcile the side effects.  I'm trying to work... I quit my job teaching in favour of a lower stress job. I'm getting married in October.  Sleeping 12+ hours a day is not really conducive to living a "normal" life. 


Do I need to lower my expectations for what my life is going to be like?





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