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Read my hospital medical records. Feeling hopeless.

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I can empathize.  The ER still treats me from past with that information (like 20 years ago information).  So when I go to the ER now (which is extremely rare), the first question is, "what did you take?"  ... meaning what did you take to OD.  I have not OD'd since February 1998, and they still treat me like it was 17 years ago.  And I am not there because of an OD.  No matter what I am there for they treat me like they did all those years ago.  Don't bother to even give me a chance right now.  So I know I am screwed whenever I have to go there.'


I haven't read all my records, but did read one report ... found out this asshole DR wrote a very wrong report (to put it lightly), and to top it off, he cc'd it to about 9 or10 other DRs, all of which I were seeing at the time for various reasons.


So I took his report, wrote in red ink all the mistakes and then got an evaluation from a psych hospital saying I had a MEDICAL problem.  Then I highlighted the main areas of that evaluation, and sent copies of the corrected report (in red ink) and the evaluation to every single DR who he had cc'd a copy of his to.


I actually got an apology letter from the DR who really screwed me over.  I had had so much evidence that what I was experiencing in the ER was medical that he could not fight it, and I wasn't going to let all my DRs think otherwise.

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