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Dreams vs reality

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i usually don't remember my dreams at all, but lately I have been waking with some of the thoughts in my head. They seem so real I have trouble knowing what was real or a dream. For the most part it doesn't matter and I am pretty sure it was just a dream.

But, I had a dream that someone tracked me to another website, which wouldn't be too difficult. They ended a post with, I just thought you should know, which is a thread here, and I knew they were from here. That is the type of thought I get when symptomatic and I get paranoid, but I am pretty sure it was only a dream.

In other ways I feel okay. I am tired a lot but that is typical. It just seemed so real I have this thought now that someone could be tracking me.

Not sure what my question is. How do you know a dream was just a dream, I guess

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Yes, the mundane and realistic are the more awkward ones, not the wild weird ones.

I had more when I was younger and more depressed.


Time (I'm talking a few hours) usually makes the difference clear, but unless there's an easy cross check (the thing you thought you'd bought isn't on the dining table, for example) it's not that easy to quickly prove, one way or the other.


And this brings up the question of memory, too, for things set in time past.  Is that a real and true memory, or something my subconscious has put together at some point.  

I've discovered few definite false memories of my own.  Nothing traumatic, but where things I was perfectly certain about proved not to be so when external evidence was available.  

And yes, I doubted the external evidence first, before accepting the fact of a mistaken memory.

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