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New Laptop

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I need a new laptop. I narrowed it down to two. The Asus 2 in 1 which has a 13" screen, i5 intel processor with 2.4ghz speed, 500GB hard drive and 8GB ram. The other one is a Lenovo thinkpad E555. It is a 15" screen, AMD a series processor (still dual core), 2.2ghz speed, 1TB, and 8GB ram. I need it for school and to run software with large data files. I will be using ArcGIS on it as well as a ton of casual use.


I've only ever used Sony and Acer so now it is time for something different. Every Sony I had lasted at least 3/4 years. The first one which was really my mom's lasted her 10 years (It was a 2k computer back in the early 2000s). So I loved their laptops. The one and only Acer I had was shit. It couldn't run anything and was constantly shutting off. I sent it to get it repaired while still under warranty and they told me nothing was wrong with it. Awful piece of shit. 


Alright guys, what do you think I ought to do? 



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I have a lenovo, but a different one. I can speak to their customer support being very helpful for the very limited thing I needed them for (computer was doing this really weird thing where it would randomly go all dark and then the brightness adjusters wouldn't work). I can't speak to your specific computer, but I've been very pleased with them in general.

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I can't recommend anything, but just want to warn you that laptops are full of garbage -- some of it very intrusive. I had to reinstall Windows 8 on my dad's laptop because he had a program that installed other programs and popped up irritating web ads everywhere he want. Like, seriously, everywhere. The last time I bought a laptop, it had a lot of pre-installed software on it, but nothing that hijacked the system like that. And I *could not uninstall it*. Total bullshit. 


There's a freeware program out there that uninstalls the junk automatically, but fortunately the laptop my father had included a "reinstall windows" option that installed a clean version. 


Good luck. I'mg etting a laptop soon, too, but am not the researching type. I'll probably just go to Best Buy, see what feels right, and then just research if its a decent value and if there are any individual flaws with it. 

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