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So this is a crazy/physical illness related question...


Is anybody on the board taking barbiturates...like Nembutal or Seconal? What has your experience been?


I ask because in addition to having my crazy issues, I have a chronic medical condition--and this one comes with a rarer cousin that requires the use of barbiturates in order to control it. I'm already on Xanax, which I can use additional doses to help control the condition--but Xanax only takes the edge off...I have to live with this condition, and it's absolutely intolerable. The illness itself makes me so I can't breathe--or catch my breath--and it can torture me for hours upon hours. It's like having that little alien from the movie Alien come ripping out of my chest, then having an elephant sit on the bloody hole to plug it up...We're talking some serious misery here people.


I did alot of online research because the hospitals I've been to couldn't diagnose it. I heard the term 'anxiety' bandied about but they decided to drop it when the doctor saw me eyeballing is pen and looking at him to choose which eye to jam it into.

The problem is they put the finger 02 measurer on and say oh your 02 looks normal. That little device doesn't measure my blood gasses which are totally messed up by this point--nor do they measure the physical pain--and they sure as hell don't measure the *feeling* like I can't breathe.


So in my research I found a name for the disease--chronic hyperventilation syndrome. And it *can* be caused by anxiety(is there anything that *can't* be caused by anxiety??!!), but it is also caused by stomach bloating which irritates the diaphragm, which in turn triggers autonomic responses in your body to overcompensate for the 02 it thinks it's not getting, resulting in hyperventilation regardless of my being anxious, happy, horny or hungry.

And in researching it in the British medical journals, they treat it with a combination of barbiturates(yay!!) and benzos (already got plenty)--and that will stop the problem, like when it has gotten so bad I've had to go to the ER(And the dumb bastards give me breathing treatments when it's totally not my lungs!!!). Long term, I'll need more CBT and different relaxation exercises--but at least I know that they can whip me up a cocktail that will stop this beast when it's thrashing me.


So again, I ask what's everyone's experience with barbiturates? Versed is one of the drugs the doctors in the journal recommend--anyone have any comments on that? I'm interested in hearing about anything--Seconal, Nembutal, Versed, etc. Whatever you've taken--how'd you do with it???

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I don't think any psychiatrist worth their salt would stand for one of their patients taking barbituates for anything other than rampant epilepsy. Barbituates are incredibly dangerous in overdose, and having a mental illness puts you at risk. Barbituates in the hands of somebody with depression might as well be a loaded gun. 

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I've no clue about your condition or what might help. I DO know barbiturates. Please, don't. DON'T become tolerant to barbs. You'll might never be same. It took me a few years just to get my I.Q. back. Fuzz in my mind has slowly been decreasing over Two Decades. And I Still am not the same Dan. I've heard others say the same. I went through heroin withdrawal.. ..a month later, I was Dan again. I agree with Larks, but Damn, the withdrawal might never end. Feel free to p.m. Please be careful.

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Thanks for the replies people :)

The thing is I don't have any other medication for the breathing condition I have. Nothing I can take by mouth will help. So if I have an episode, I'm going to the ER and get a shot, IV or whatever else they have to give me. I realize being on Xanax they can't/wouldn't just hand me a bottle of Nembutal and say have fun...I'm wondering if anyone's had these kind of barbiturate meds while iP or in the ER?


I'm fine with Versed--I've had it before procedures and know it works fine with no after affects. I just don't want to wind up in the ER unable to breathe and having more breathing treatments which don't work, or have them give me something that will make me crazier. Maybe Versed is the way to go? I can't expect to get away from possible breathing episodes until my underlying physical, medical problem resolves--but that's going to take up to 2 years. There may come a day where I can't cope with the horrible pain and not being able to breathe, so at least I know I can get some relief with Versed.

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