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What can you do for your sex drive/libido

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I'm really trying to stay on something this time. Currently on 15 mg abilify and 600 mg lithium (decreasing down to 0). Not sure if it's the fact that my lithium is decreasing, but I haven't felt as sexually driven. The psychiatrist said some blah blah like "you won't feel the same sex drive as you did when you were manic" and it's like fuck you, I know how I feel when I'm not having a manic episode and this isn't it. Went out last night and saw some nice tits and asses around town and I noticed in my head I liked them, but in my dick I wasn't feeling that drive. It was like I didn't even care to go introduce myself and this isn't like me. I'm really trying to stay on some medication this time but this has been an issue in the past that has made me want to get off the medicine.

Wondering if there's any guys out there who might've had this issue and how they rectified it?

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I have the same problem. I quit lithium cold turkey 3 weeks ago. It decreased my libido. The medications decreased my libido however I like it that way. 

It bothers me to have sex drive because it makes me wanna talk to girls. It's really hard for me to handle the pressure and stuff I have to do

for a relationship. I'd rather be single and have no sex drive anymore so I don't have to deal with problems and be sexually driven.


There are good and bads from having a girlfriend. I'd rather stay away from the bad stuff so that's why I like having decreased libido.


I am the opposite of you. Even if I find a girl very attractive I never talk to one. I think it has to do that I'm on SSDI so I have only spending money for me not for her.

However, I'd love to find a girlfriend who is on SSDI so she can pay for her own if we go out.

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For crying out loud, Carlossong! My husband had no money, hell practically no clothes when we started dating. If you think you aren't going to ever have a gf because you're on SSDI, YOU WON'T. Oy. Your needle is really stuck in that groove.


I notice you said he "had" no money. Did it seem like he never *would* have money? Had the state deemed him so disabled he can't support himself with work? Because that would most closely resemble this situation. 


I don't discourage CS from looking for a girlfriend, but it's kind of blind to assume that being on SSDI isn't an impediment to finding a girlfriend. 


Badluck_ben: Good luck getting your meds adjusted, but I think lowering your sex drive is a public service. 

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This reminds me of my Pdoc, I guess about 13 years ago,  I asked him about my loss of libido, he said "TRY PORN", talk about literally lol, always loved that guys blunt way of speaking, I swear if I would have been taking a drink of coffee it would of handed up all over him, still laugh about some of his answers.

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