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How to talk about my self injury

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So recently someone in my school reported me because they saw markson my arm and thought i was cutting. These people called me down and I said i just fell and they made me go get a psych evaluation. The lady said she thinks i have "underlying issues", so now i have to talk to this other lady in my school. She explained to me about the whole confidentiality stuff but she has to tell someone if i am a danger to myself and i might be cutting. The whole reason i am talking to her is because they think I am cutting, and i want to tell her the truth but i am worried she will have to report it and my parents will find out. Does anyone know anymore info about the boundaries with talk about self harm or have any advice? 

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Maybe she can explain the whole confidentiality thing again to you. What she may or may not need to share is quite likely to change depending on where you live.

Also, open are you to maybe stopping or reducing your self-harm? Maybe you could start the conversation with that topic instead?

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Usually schools (in the US anyway) have a pretty strong obligation to involve the caregiver of the youth in decisions about safety. The thing that can kind of get in the way of this is that some states allow you to consent to your own mental health care when you are younger than 18 (where I live it's 13).


However, there are still exceptions to confidentiality that can be over-ridden by imminent safety concerns. Depending on who you are talking to and what their level of understanding of self harm is and the degree to which you are self harming, they may decide they need to involve your caregivers to increase your safety. It might also be a school policy.


It's definitely a good thing to ask at the beginning. You could say, "Hey, I really want to be clear about what circumstances you would HAVE to call my parents vs when you would work with me to tell them something that's hard for me to talk about with them." Or something like that.

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