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abilify making depression worse at higher dose?

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Ive been taking adderall and abilify (10mg), or I did before I got pregnant, and was "stable" though fairly blah, still lower than I'd like... Resumed those meds postpartum but it wasn't helping as !much so pdoc upped me to 15 mg abilify; I thought maybe it was just hormones or fatigue but I'm actually starting to get rest--mranwhile I'm a sobbing hot mess! I should say I was diagnosed with cyclothymia/bp II but I've really only had depression, ssris never worked but ability did, at least at first.

Ive heard abilify can do funny things at different doses, but I haven't heard of it making depression and mood swings worse, anyone experience this??

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It could be that it's just not the med for you, it could be breakthrough symptoms, or it could be both.


My experience and that of many women during pregnancy and/or the post-partum period is that it can be very different and harder to medicate than before you were pregnant. 


At 15mg, Abilify becomes more of an antipsychotic and less of an antidepressant-- it's still hitting serotonin like the lower doses but it's hitting dopamine much more heavily as you increase the dose.  It should be stabilizing your moods more at the higher dose in theory, but that doesn't always happen.


Personally, Abilify didn't really do much for me on the crying/sobbing/mess front (which in my case is a mixed mania or agitated depression) so I started something else. 


Talk to your doctor.  If the Abilify isn't helping things within a week or two, something probably needs to be tweaked.

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Abilify didn't do anything for me until I got upped to 15mg. I still have depression, but not the real low lows. I think everyone is different. Most people seem to respond to the depression fighting aspects of it at lower doses, or so I've heard. That wasn't my case. However.

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It seems like it pooped out or yeah, could be a postpartum thing. My diagnosis is tricky, I had depression before kids as well as ADD, and it would probably be considered treatment resistant, several ssris and such did nothing... My conditions got worse after my first child, and my new GP of all people suggested i might be slightly bipolar instead of just depressed, and even 2 mg of abilify was a huge difference. Not enough, but way more than any antidepressant ever did.

This is my second child and hormones certainly could be screwing with my treatment :( my doc is trying adding Prozac though, since oddly enough I've never tried it combined with abilify, even though that's a more common combo for depression. Should be interesting considering ssris never worked but who knows!

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