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Can't even walk my dog without being abused by jerks


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Was walking my dog today, off leash in a legally designated off leash area.


Was enjoying my peace and exercise until a woman came out and started screeching at me rudely.


Her:  Your dog was in my yard (rude screeching forget the exact words)


(My dog ran past her yard and may have been inside her yard's boundaries by a few metres.  She had no fence).


I said I am sorry but there is no need to be rude, calmly.


She continued to screech that she had young children.  Her children were not outside, so my dog could not have been any danger to them.  When I see kids whilst walking my dog (legally off leash) I either leash him or give the kids a very wide berth unless I know the kids and that they are happy with my dog.


The woman continued to screech that the area (implied immediately outside her house) wasn't off leash and she would call the police if she saw me again.  I said I believed it was an off leash area, she insisted it wasn't so I said calmly, OK I will check and if (the area outside of your house) isn't off leash, I will ensure my dog is leashed until I have passed your house.  She then shouted "HOW DARE YOU!" WTF?  She has complained rudely about my dog being unleashed near her house as she believes it isn't an off leash area.  I tell her that I will check whether or not it is an off leash area and if it isn't, my dog won't be off leash outside her house.  How is that how dare you?  I am telling her I will comply with the law and her complaints.


I went home, looked up the off leash areas and confirmed what I already knew - the area was a legally designated off leash dog walking area.


I printed the map and stuck it on her door.



Thing is that if she had been polite I would have tried to accommodate her concerns by giving her house a wide berth but now, stuff her. 


Am I unreasonable?  Is my dog sometimes maybe entering her property by a metre or two (but this can’t be determined since she doesn’t a fence nor a surveyor) truly worthy of verbal abuse without even trying to talk to her neighbours politely about it?


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She sounds like one of those assholes who likes bordering public land for the "privacy", but then are horrified to find that people actually *use* that public land, that it's not there to increase the value of their private property. If she is so concerned about roaming dogs, she should put in a fence.


You've done everything right, and she's done everything wrong. I'm guessing the police already know about her. 

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What a bitch.  I hate when people start yelling at me like out of the blue for no good reason.


I would have done the same thing you did.  I have a hard time with confrontation so I'm not sure how I would have confronted her off-guard, but I totally would have printed that map and stuck it on her door.  I probably would have gone further and mailed her a copy also, as well as stick one in her mailbox.


I think you handled things well.

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She sounds like one of those assholes who likes bordering public land for the "privacy", but then are horrified to find that people actually *use* that public land, that it's not there to increase the value of their private property.


Yes, I think so.  Their kids even put up tents for about a month for them to camp on the border of public/private land.  They obviously consider the land their own private property not a shared use area where there are not just kids but dogs, cyclists, joggers etc who all have to tolerate and respect each other.


I also think she is of a class of parent that considers their children's interest are above anyone else's and that nothing about her children's safety is her responsibility.


Worried about off leash dogs as a parent?  a) don't move somewhere that backs on to a large very well used off leash dog area (and check the freely available off leash maps before you move somewhere) or b) teach your children dog safety or c) supervise your children if they are in an unfenced area of your yard or d) fence your yard or plant hedges to discourage dogs entering or e) a number of the above.  But she just thinks her parental responsibility is all on the dog owners.  They shouldn't walk their dogs off-leash, ever, despite it being an off-leash area, because their kid might run outside out of control at any time and pull my dog's tail, scream at it and poke it's eye and maybe get bit.


I don't know what she expects me to do, other than stop walking my dog off leash in the legal off leash areas, a dog can't see an invisible barrier that indicates the start of their private property, nor can I without a surveyor to mark it.


Perhaps I should also train my dog to respect a surveyors stakes if the owner doesn't want to pay for a fence.  I will do that when they train their kids to do absolutely everything they say instantly and not do anything to annoy or startle my dog.  I have also had a bad experience in the same area where, when walking my dog in same off leash area, I gave a woman with a small child (dog-less walkers) a very wide berth to ensure they weren't approached or frightened by my dog.  However, the child started to BOLT towards my dog and ignored the mother telling it to stop.  The mother then became hysterical and abusive despite the fact that my dog had ignored her child despite him bolting right for him.  I missed the opportunity as I later realised to tell her "get that thing on a lead.  It is out of control".


I recently paid for a replacement fence where the neighbours dogs were getting into my yard and attacked my dog.  At no time did I ever raise my voice at my neighbours.  It is not productive.  In the end I paid for the fence replacement myself , the neighbours didn't pay their half, as I felt the safety of my pet was worth the cost, all of this without raising my voice.  If this woman is so concerned with the safety of her kids, why not pay for the fence, whatever it takes?  Who wouldn't do that if they felt their kids were truly in danger?  Seems like a woman who is just a pain in the ass and likes to complain.  If I could train my dog to shit in her yard, I would.  I do hope she calls the police to report the crime of my dog entering the undefined boundary of her property for a few moments, when her kids weren't even outside at the time.  I look forward to the police rolling their eyes at her.

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