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Around 4 months ago I was started on a new typical AP. I'm looking to discuss the side effects, not the AP itself so experience with the drug is not a prerequisite for feedback.


For point of reference, the drug is clopixol (10mg AM, 20mg PM), so I know many of you won't have tried it.


Anyway, side effects wise I have had mildly laboured breathing during the day and decreased heart rate. At night I have been experiencing severe apnoea. I spoke to my CPN who told me to discontinue treatment until I could speak to a pdoc. Eventual pdoc appt lead to the same advice, but he is now dragging his heels on prescribing an alternate medication.


Clopixol is the first beneficial AP I have taken in years, mentally I was getting on very well with it. Since stopping treatment I am now a danger to myself again and a serious danger to others. So much so that I can't leave the house unsupervised.


So, is it worth risking (allegedly) severe/dangerous side effects over mental stability? My preference is to go back on the medication but I am interested to listen to any other point of view.



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Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea and had a sleep study? Are you using a CPAP machine? 




I think we are referring to the same condition, right? I just want to make sure I'm not confused. lol


Anyway, If a med is helping you that much can you get a sleep study done to confirm the sleep apnea and start on a CPAP machine? I'm not sure if this is even possible, because I'm no dr. But it seems reasonable to try to work around the sleep disorder so as to continue your mental health stability.


I take meds too that have a good deal of sedative effect like Antipsychotics and benzos. So you may be right that the med is definitely not helping the sleep apnea. I know it makes mine worse. I use a cpap though and get along just fine. 

Another option would be trying a different AP in the same class. I don't blame you for wanting to go back on the clopixol though since it was working so well for you.


Anyway, talk to your CPN and Pdoc about this and see if something can't be worked out so that you start feeling better again.


According to that link, "

  • taking medicines that have a sedative effect, such as sleeping tablets" is one factor that can cause the sleep apnea.
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It's only a recent thing, cheese. My partner described the sleep symptoms to me and I described them to CPN first (who advised to stop). I then saw my gdoc who confirmed that it sounded like apnea, so not strictly a diagnosis, and said to hold off on continuing treatment until I spoke to my pdoc. My pdoc appt was cancelled several times leaving me to see a new guy who wasn't familiar with my case. I saw him on Wednesday morning and have been waiting to hear back from him for a new medication since.


We are talking about the same condition though. I can have a sleep study done if I continue the medication. My old man also has a spare CPAP machine, so I can always pay him a visit and borrow that to see if it helps.


The only thing that was giving me slight doubts was the insistence of this new pdoc that this symptom was serious enough to discontinue treatment. I just can't see how it can be more serious than the psychiatric symptoms.


If it was as easy as getting another appt with pdoc tomorrow then I could hold out. I'm left in a limbo where I don't know when I'm going to be contacted and I can't carry on dealing with the MI issues anymore. The side effects may cause problems, the MI however is causing serious problems. That's what's weighed my current decision anyway.

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This seems really obvious, so pardon me if I missed it or something... but have you called pdoc's office to insist on the followup med from the sub-pdoc? Is it at all possible to get an emergency appointment with your usual pdoc? If you can't leave the house for safety reasons that seems to me like the exact reason they keep emergency appointments.



You might also think about just going to the ER. If you get sent IP they can see what you're dealing with, both with the apnea and the MI. Even if you don't get admitted, the ER can make some recommendations to get you through to seeing your actual pdoc.



Sleep apnea is a problem. Your MI symptoms, I agree, take precedence in this case. In your shoes I would probably say fuck it and take the AP. The rational part of me would rather die in my sleep than at my own hand (or that of others). (Note this is not medical advice, I'm not a doctor, yada yada if you do take the med and manage to die in your sleep it's not my fault. :P

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I would keep calling the office to either make an emergency appt with your pdoc, or keep calling until your pdoc calls you back.  If you haven't gotten a call back in an hour/hour and a half (which is a reasonable time IMO for a pdoc to call back), I'd try again.  And then keep doing it until he calls back.  It may or may not bother him but you need help that really can't wait any longer. 

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Hey guys, not been in the greatest frame of mind for responding over the last couple of days...


In the UK you can call your pdoc until you're blue in the face, you'll never get a call back. I usually get a call back same day from my CPN, but he can't do anything without talking directly to the pdoc anyway.


My usual pdoc has been off sick for the past couple of months, no idea when she's coming back so I can't rely on her to help. Not that she would, she's not very competent (NHS remember). Stand in pdoc has just called tonight to try and push two meds that didn't work for me, for the third time since I saw him. Those being haldol and zyprexa. I don't know how many times I have to tell him that I've tried them both before. He also told me to stop taking the clopixol until I can see my CPN on Monday (if I can see my CPN on Monday) and he'll have a think about another treatment option.


It just seems that as he's not my primary pdoc he's reluctant to try something new.


Going to ER is an option, one that I really don't want to take but I will consider it as a last resort. If there is no joy next week then I think I'll have to take that course of action.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

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