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Looking for answers/ real truth

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Hi all, Im a 50 year old man abandoned by all. Lived in isolation for 8 1/2 years after my family passed away, and lately tried to go back out and blend in.

Won't try that shit again !!

Gave me flashbacks of the original "Planet of the Apes" Nobody talks to each other and everything controled by Non-Thinking Brutes !!

Now forums are my only contact with the outside world, scared to death of going outside. They call it social anxiety/agoraphobia... But is it a phobia if it Really is deadly to go out ? I call it WISDOM, for self preservation !!

I call it PTSD... I am freaked out

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


Are you currently receiving treatment?  Crazyboards is a pro-treatment site meaning we believe its in your best interest to be under the care of a doctor and taking medications, if necessary.


Please feel free to contact a staff member if you have any questions.

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Well a community clinc helped me through a mental breakdown, and got me on some meds a few months ago.But the services they offer are limited, but they got me digagnosed so I could apply for a new program they have with a University.

I see a counselor once a month now to monitor my progress and meds check, and waiting for opening at the University program. The meds have helped, but society has gone insane.. Everything is backwards.

I can't even talk to anyone, words have no meaning to anyone, they live in a delusional make believe world. Where facts are ignored, and their feelings are controlling their perceptions of reality.. Even their understanding of themselves. They are zombies, playing a PC game with their lives... They scare the shit out of me, they have no remorse, no empathy, no self control, no grip of reality at all.

I am a self taught scientist, have spent the last 8 years studying. I use evidentiary scientific methodology, investigation and varification before accepting something as fact. Not wishful fantasy, and blown out radical rants to prove a unproven point.

I am a man from the past, from another world that was crushed... It's like being the only sane person stuck in a Jim Jones or Heaven's Gate cult, and they are trying to get me to drink the Kool-aid !!!

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Hello and welcome...


" But is it a phobia if it Really is deadly to go out ?"


No it wouldn't be, but being at home is at least as dangerous.  Kitchens especially so.

In most developed countries life expectancy is increasing, so again any particular moment of life is, averaged out, less dangerous than it used to be.


I'd agree that large chunks of the populace seem to operate at unsophisticated or low levels of introspection, self-awareness and thought in general.  To push that to a conclusion of " no remorse, no empathy, no self control, no grip of reality at all." I would suggest is going a couple of steps too far.


George Carlin: "You think the average person is dumb?  Remember: half of them are dumber than that."


Couple this with an increasing bombardment of media "information" which is in no way balanced or moderated, much rather being inclined to the spectacular, the exceptional and the violent and traumatic, and it is not surprising that thoughts of the world having gone mad, or terminally strange can occur.

But again the conclusion is not really justified, because what is being presented is a very skewed sample.

Presented because of some odd (but not fundamentally irrational) criteria as to what makes "news" and as to what is "important".


Yes, feeling as though you are stuck on the wrong planet is not an experience unique to you, though you seem to have it in a marked form at the moment.

This IS our planet, and those who can see more of the absurdity of human behaviour can usually get some idea of how it looks from the perspective of those who haven't woken up enough to see that yet.  

That's not "buying into it"  as an answer any more than trying to shut everything out is an answer.

In between there's a method (variable by personal preference) of "going with the roll" just enough to make a real connection with the rest of the world without necessarily being fully signed up to it or driven mad by it.



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