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There are two types of seroquel.

Seroquel IR (regular seroquel or instant release).

Seroquel XR (the latest kind of seroquel which is extended release).

The XR only needs to be taken once daily for most if not all people on it. The IR can be taken once or multiple times a day, depending on what your pdoc wants you to do. I took the IR 3-4 times a day for instance. I've never taken the Xr.

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They are the same ingredient, but they behave differently.


Seroquel XR is extended release, so it releases into your body slowly and consistently through the day and night.


Seroquel IR is instant release, so it goes into your body faster and leaves sooner.


Basically, both will be at a steady state if you take them consistently, I think. I'm not a Pdoc.

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I do believe that "regular" seroquel and seroquel ir are the same. I took the xr version and it said on my bottle seroquel xr. Well, I took the generic and it actually had er (extended release) after whatever the generic name was. So, if you don't have additional letters at the end, I'd say you are on the ir version.

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Seroquel (generic name quetiapine) can be assumed to be IR, or normal, unless you see the letters XR after it. And if you need to take the XR version, it will definately say Seroquel XR, because that is still on patent, so there is no quetiapine XR. Does that help?

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