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My Pdoc diagnosed me with Tardive dyskenesia today. This is one of the worst things that has ever happened to me.

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FUCK GEODON. I wish I could sue. I have uncontrollable, constant lip sucking/puckering/twitching which makes me look like a freak. I never thought in a million years that was what it was, because I thought it was only leg/arm twitching. I told her I want to get off Geodon RIGHT NOW but she says I "Need it". I would take the 30lbs I gained on prozac over this. I'm going to have these tics for the rest of my life. I feel so depressed. I am just at a loss for words.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with TD? I feel so alone... I am seriously in denial. :( I may just stop geodon cold turkey. I hope I can do something, but I think it's too late. :(

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It can be permanent, but it isn't usually. Lots of people here have had dyskinesia (especially from Haldol) and they are fine now that they no longer take it. Maybe your doctor will let you switch to a different antipsychotic. 

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Yes yes get off it as soon as the doctor can do it!!!! It should be reversable unless you've been on it like 20 years.

I had the same scare with Reglan so now they can go fuck themselves....I take things only after I read about them *before* actually swallowing the pill.

My gastro tried to force me to take Reglan but I got antibiotics instead for my motiliity problem...and then he had the nerve to be all snarly because I didn't take his stinkin pill---when we both knew there was a safer alternative available in Canada--but the fucker wouldn't write me a script. He's a douch nozzle.


I'll be thinking aboout you....let us know how you do getting off that shit!

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